News/Blogs - Where In The World Is Marian?

  • Whole Foods Market - El Segundo - California

    Added May 2016

    Marian's final stop in Southern California was at Whole Foods Market in El Segundo.

  • Whole Foods Market - Brea - California

    Added Apr 2016

    Marian's activities with Whole Foods Market in Southern California continued as she moved inland from Los Angeles to their lovely store in Brea.

  • Whole Foods Market - Venice - California

    Added Apr 2016

    Marian continued her journey up the coast of Southern California to visit the Whole Foods Market store in Venice, on the Westside of Los Angeles.

  • Whole Foods Market - Playa Vista - LA

    Added Apr 2016

    Marian's Californian tour took her to the Whole Foods Market store in Playa Vista in the Westside of Los Angeles.

  • Whole Foods Market - Huntington Beach - CA

    Added Apr 2016

    Marian's next stop in California took her to the Whole Foods Market store in Huntington Beach.

  • Uptown Grocery Co. Oklahoma City

    Added Mar 2016

    Photos from Marian's 2 day visit to the Grand Opening of a brand new Uptown Grocery Co. store on North Bay Avenue in Oklahoma City.

  • Earth Fare Grand Opening - Cumming - Georgia

    Added Dec 2015

    It was yet another Grand Opening for Earth Fare and Somerdale was there to support them at their new location in Cumming, Georgia.

  • Market 32 - Saratoga Springs - New York

    Added Dec 2015

    Hopping out of Massachusetts and back into New York State, Marian headed to Market 32's Wilton store at Saratoga Springs, just North of Albany.

  • Market 32 - Pittsfield - Massachusetts

    Added Dec 2015

    Marian traveled from New York State to Pittsfield in Massachusetts to work at another Market 32 store.

  • Market 32 - Clifton Park - New York

    Added Dec 2015

    Marian visits Market 32 Shoppers World in Clifton Park, just North of Albany, New York State.

  • Plum Market - Maple Village Plaza - Ann Arbor

    Added Dec 2015

    Marian's final day with Plum Market was spent at their Maple Village Plaza store in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

  • Plum Market - North Campus - Ann Arbor

    Added Dec 2015

    Marian's nest stop on her tour of Plum Market stores took her to their brand new location at North Campus, Ann Arbor, Michigan.


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