Getting Into The Festive Spirit For The Fancy Food Show

Somerdale International will be showcasing a specially selected range of great tasting British cheeses ideal for the festive holiday season at the Summer Fancy Food Show being held in New York from June 25-27.  The Show, which is regarded as the premier specialty food show in North America, expects to attract over 2,500 exhibitors from over 50 countries around the world and will provide the perfect platform for Somerdale to promote both the very best traditional British cheeses and celebratory blended cheeses especially made for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

Somerdale’s holiday range will include Blue Stilton and cheddar, considered to be the ‘must haves’ for festive holiday entertaining.  Blue Stilton has long been regarded as the quintessential Christmas cheese and Somerdale is proud to be able to supply one of the very best. Made by Cropwell Bishop the 12-week matured Blue Stilton is crafted carefully by hand, using methods that have changed little since the 17th Century.  This extra fine Stilton is made with traditional animal rennet and has a unique rich tangy flavour and a velvety-soft texture that makes it melt in the mouth.

The Somerdale range will also include a number of great tasting blended cheeses synonymous with holiday entertaining.  These include the ever popular Wensleydale & Cranberry in exclusively labelled holiday packs and an exact weight pack of Somedale’s indulgent Il Truffelino – cheddar with shaved truffles and truffle oil.  While new for this year is a great tasting sweet and zesty Wensleydale with Honey & Lemon.

The holiday season is the perfect time for entertaining and we believe that our exclusive range of great tasting British cheeses will be perfect for celebrating with family and friends.

Alan Jenkins - Director, Somerdale International Ltd

Cropwell Bishop Whole Blue Stilton made with traditional Rennet

Il Truffelino 190g fixed weight portion


Westminster Rustic Red Grass Fed Cheddar

Somerdale Wensleydale and Cranberries

Westminster 1 Year English Cheddar


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