• Westminster Cheddar

    Westminster Cheddar is lovingly hand-crafted on family run farms with generations of experience producing the finest cheddar.
    The range includes Reserve, Vintage, Non-GMO Sharp, Smoked and Rustic Red varieties, covering every cheese enthusiast's taste preference.

  • Somerdale Wensleydale & Cranberries

    Wensleydale's natural, sweet acidity perfectly complements fruit, especially Cranberries.

  • Enjoy Me With

    The 'Enjoy me with' range of specially selected Cheddar. Chosen specifically to pair with wine and beer.

  • Quickes Traditional Cheddar

    Hand made artisan cheddar made in Devon using the milk from pasture fed, expertly bred cows.

  • Somerdale 'Heraldic' Specialty Flavoured Cheddars

    Creamy English Cheddar combined with natural, complimentary flavours.

  • Somerdale Wensleydale & Blueberries

    Light and creamy Wensleydale is the perfect partner for Juicy Blueberries. This well balanced cheese makes a great cheese board addition or dessert cheese.

  • Cropwell Bishop Blue Shropshire

    Crowned Supreme Champion at the 2016 British Cheese Awards, Cropwell Bishop's Blue Shropshire has a delightfully creamy texture and an exquisite nutty flavour, shot through with spicy notes.

  • Cropwell Bishop Blue Stilton

    Hand crafted Blue Stilton from the family run Cropwell Bishop Creamery. This multi award-winning cheese has a rich, tangy flavour and a velvety smooth texture that makes it melt in the mouth.

  • Somerdale White Stilton with Fruit

    The Somerdale range of White Stilton and Fruit blends. Sumptuous combinations of light and crumbly White Stilton with Cranberries, Blueberries, Mango and Ginger, Apricots and Lemon Zest.

  • Somerdale Cromwell

    Specially created for Somerdale, Cromwell combines the creamy texture and rounded taste of a quintessentially British Double Gloucester with the tang of Chives and Onions.

  • Barber's 1833 Cheddar

    Classic Cheddar produced by the oldest cheese making family in England.

  • Il Truffelino

    Il Truffelino combines the creamy texture of Classic English Cheddar with the complex and luxuriant flavor of Black Summer Truffle.

  • Somerdale Territorial Cheeses

    Somerdale Territorial Cheeses. Synonymous with the English Counties from which they originate. 

  • Somerdale English Butter

    Our rich and creamy English butter is made from the milk of pasture-grazed cows.

  • Westminster London Truckle

    A powerful white cheddar truckle sealed in black wax. Perfect for the cheese board and gift baskets.

  • Somerdale Flavored Cheeses

    Classic English cheeses blended with complimentary flavors to produce unique taste sensations.

  • Singletons Stripey Jack

    A veritable potpourri of five traditional English cheeses, layered to create a striking combination of flavors.

  • Singletons Sage Derby

    A mild, mottled green, semi-hard cheese with a hint of garden sage from Singletons Dairy in Lancashire.

  • Long Clawson Aged Leicestershire Red

    Award winning traditionally made Aged Leicestershire Red cheese.

  • Famous English Cheeses

    Our range of Classic English Cheeses, recognized all over the World.

  • Cahill's Porter

    Cahill's Porter is the original and definitive handcrafted Irish Porter Cheese.

  • Long Clawson Huntsman

    Layers of rich Double Gloucester and Blue Stilton are combined to make this exceptional cheese.

  • Somerdale English Cream

    Thanks to a long shelf life, authentic English Clotted Cream is no longer the reserve of tea shops in England!


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