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Somerdale's Clotted Cream - the perfect accompaniment for an English Cream Tea.

Clotted Cream is quintessentially English. Cornwall and Devon to be precise. A thick cream with a rich, sweet flavour, clotted cream has been manufactured by cottage industries in the heart of England's West Country for centuries (originally by farmers to reduce the amount of waste from their milk); in fact there is evidence that the monks of Tavistock Abbey were making clotted cream in the early 1300's! 
Clotted cream is made by indirectly heating full-cream cows milk using steam or a water bath and then leaving it in shallow pans to cool slowly.  During this time, the cream content rises to the surface and forms "clots".  The heat treatment is deemed to pasteurise the milk under UK standards.
An English Cream Tea is common knowledge to the English among us, especially for those who like to watch the tennis at Wimbledon!  It's also increasingly popular for tourists coming to Britain - stopping off at a little tea shop to indulge in a scone with a dollop of thick clotted cream and strawberry or raspberry jam and a lovely pot of tea.  There appears to be some debate however as to whether it's jam then cream or cream then jam - what do you prefer?
Thanks to the lovely folk at Somerdale, now you don't need to be in England to enjoy your cream tea, as we've managed to manufacture a fabulous clotted cream with a long shelf life so you can enjoy it all over the world! 

Someone put the kettle on...


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