Somerdale 'Heraldic' Specialty Flavoured Cheddars

The Somerdale 'Heraldic' range of flavoured cheddars has gained a loyal following over a number of years.

We all have our favourite cheese accompaniment so why not have it already blended into a creamy English cheddar?.

The Heraldic range consist of naturally produced cheeses containing no artificial flavours or preservatives. Microbial rennet is also used in production so the range is suitable for vegetarians.

The range is available in 4.96lb (2.25kg) deli wheels, beautifully presented and sealed in coloured wax to retain flavour.

Cases containing 12 x 5oz (150g) portions are also available, the portions being sealed in vacuum wrap clear plastic.

Our Heraldic Cheese range consists of:


English Cheddar Cheese with Chives and Shallots.


English Cheddar Cheese with Horseradish and Parsley.


English Cheddar Cheese with Wholegrain Mustard and Ale.


English Cheddar Cheese with Caramelized Onions.

The Somerdale 'Heraldic' range of flavoured cheddars.

Retail portions for the Somerdale Heraldic Flavoured Cheddar range.

Red Dragon Tintern Harlech Poacher's Cheddar

Calories 103.4 102.48 105.28 107.24
Total Fat 8.204g 8.09g 8.54g 8.43g
From Saturated Fat 4.51g 4.56g 4.25g 5.24g
Trans Fat 0.43g 0.5g 0.37g 0.22g
Cholesterol 17.95mg 19.77mg 16.3mg 19.52mg
Sodium 184.24mg 162.4mg 189.28mg 139.72mg
Total Carbohydrate 1.148g 1.15g 1.48g 1.96g
Dietary Fiber  0.476g 0.28g 0.34g 0.22g 
Sugars  0.14g <0.1g  0.672g  1.4g 
Protein 6.41g 6.41g  5.77g  5.96g 
Vitamin A  7% 6%  5% 6% 
Calcium  18% 20%  17%  17%
Iron  1% 0%  0%  0% 
Vitamin C  0% 0%  0%  0% 
Allergens Milk & Mustard Milk  Milk & Mustard  Milk 
Rennet Type Microbial/Vegetarian Microbial/Vegetarian  Microbial/Vegetarian  Microbial/Vegetarian 
Gluten Free  Not declared  Not declared  Not declared  Not declared 
Lactose Free  N
Artificial Colours 
Artificial Flavours 


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