Westminster Cheddar

The Westminster Cheddar Range - 2017

Westminster Non-GMO Sharp Cheddar and Rustic Red Block

For more information relating to our Westminster range, please visit the dedicated web site at www.westminstercheddar.com

Westminster Cheddar is lovingly hand-crafted and picked by the Barber Family, the oldest cheddar making family in England who have spent over six generations embracing multiple flavours, textures and aromas, along with the Heler Family, whose dairy farm is located on the natural pasture rich Cheshire Plain in the English countryside, to ensure you receive England’s finest cheddar cheese.

Our range covers every cheese enthusiast’s taste preference including:


Featuring naturally formed explosions of salt crystals and a heavenly cheddar bite, our Farmer’s Reserve Cheddar is aged for over two years to ensure the ultimate tastebud satisfaction for any strong cheddar lover. Bursting with flavour, as the cheese develops you will experience hints of citrus fruits that will leave you wanting more!


A super-strong and powerful cheese with a punchy kick, our Vintage Cheddar will satisfy the taste-buds of even the most hardcore cheddar fanatic. Aged for over 15 months, the cheddar features a distinctive texture - thanks to its naturally formed salt crystals - that is balanced with a touch of creaminess. The perfect balance of strong, savoury flavours.


A well-balanced cheese with a tangy rounded bite, our Sharp Cheddar is aged for over six months and features a smooth creamy texture and mouth-watering depth of taste, making it the perfect entry level cheddar!


With a distinctive oak-smoked flavour, our Smoked Cheddar is naturally smoked over rustic oak chips for three to four hours and aged for over 12 months. This ensures the delicious cheddar retains its creamy mouth-watering taste while offering a hint of smoke without being too overpowering.


Westminster Rustic Red has a wonderfully sweet flavour with nutty, caramelized notes. Combine this with a little savoury bite and you have the perfectly balanced grass fed cheddar that will add colour to any cheeseboard.

Nutritional Information per 1oz (28g) serving  % Daily Values
Calories 117
Total Fat 10g 15%
From Saturated Fat 6g 31%
Trans Fat 0g 0%
Cholesterol 28mg 9%
Sodium 188mg 8%
Total Carbohydrate  0.1g  0% 
Dietary Fiber  0g  0% 
Sugars  0g  0% 
Protein  7g  0% 
Vitamin A    6% 
Calcium    20% 
Iron    0% 
Vitamin C    0% 
Vitamin D    0% 
Rennet Type: Vegetarian  | Suitable for Vegetarians  |  Packaging Type: Parchment |  Gluten Free

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