Somerdale Vintage Cheddar

Somerdale Vintage Cheddar forms part of our traditional English territorial cheese range.

Over 500 years ago, the village of Cheddar (in the English county of Somerset) was the birthplace of a very special product that has since gone on to become the world’s biggest selling cheese.

Somerdale Vintage Cheddar is a classic English Cheddar, handmade on the farm to an age-old traditional recipe.

Aged for at least 10 months, Somerdale Vintage Cheddar has a robust and intensely mature flavour, backed up with a zesty tang that will satisfy even the most demanding cheese-lover.

Somerdale Vintage Cheddar is shipped in cases of 1 x 3kg deli wheels. Each wheel is encased in black wax, sealing in the intense flavour.


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