Somerdale Wensleydale

Somerdale Wensleydale forms part of our traditional English territorial cheese range.

Wensleydale is a cheese steeped in history a changing history. Cistercian monks brought the recipe from France when they settled in Yorkshire. Originally, Wensleydale was made using sheep’s milk and was typically a blue cheese with mould development encouraged. During the 14th century, the monks began to use proportionately more cow’s milk, changing the character of the cheese. Today, Wensleydale is made only from cow’s milk and is white.

Somerdale Wensleydale is a mild, white, cow’s milk cheese with a supple, crumbly and moist texture. Wensleydale is a naturally suited to sweet partners such as fruit and in Yorkshire, it is often eaten with fruit or Christmas Cake.

Somerdale Wensleydale is shipped in cases containing a single 3kg deli wheel. Each wheel is sealed in a distinctive yellow wax to retain flavour and moisture.


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