Westminster Sharp Non-GMO Cheddar

Westminster Sharp is an aged Cheddar cheese matured for at least 12 months. This a well-rounded and delicious Cheddar, delivering a mouth-watering, strong and full flavour on the palate.

Developed in partnership with Joseph Heler, whose dairy farm is located on the naural pasture rich Cheshire plain, Westminster Sharp has been fully accredited as non-GMO by NSF International, the international food certification organisation, under the rigorous testing regime and consensus-based standards of the ‘Non-GMO Project’.

The certification covers a comprehensive range of checks including ensuring that the cheeses are made with milk from dairy herds not fed with feed containing GMO and similarly that the rennet used in the cheese making process is also verified as non-GMO.

This page details retail-packed portions. Westminster Sharp is also available in blocks for Deli counter sales.


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