Somerdale Premiers Latest Video


Somerdale International, in partnership with award-winning Somerset cheese maker Barber's, has premièred its latest video which highlights the passion and professionalism required to produce and then promote the best of British cheese to the world.

The new video focuses on how Somerdale has established itself as one of the leading exporters of British cheese.  Today, it supplies customers in over 50 countries including major markets such as the USA, Australia, China and the Far East, the Caribbean and emerging markets such as the Middle East & North Africa, Southeast Asia and Brazil.

A key to Somerdale’s growth has been establishing long-term partnerships with some of Britain’s leading cheesemakers who produce a comprehensive range of traditional Cheddars, blue cheese, flavoured cheese and traditional hand-made, artisan cheese.

The new video highlights Somerdale’s partnership with Somerset-based Barber's, one such family-run cheesemaker and producer of traditional Farmhouse Cheddar.  The Barber's story started six generations ago, in 1833, when Daniel Barber began making cheddar on Maryland Farm. Today, as the world’s oldest surviving cheddar-makers, they are still based at the farm, making award-winning traditional cheddar. The video goes behind the scenes at Barber's to show how they make their great tasting West Country Farmhouse Cheddar (the only PDO-accredited cheddar) and how they are working closely with Somerdale to develop sales of this great tasting cheese across the globe.

The video also looks at Somerdale’s focus on delivering excellence in the export of cheeses and dairy products through leveraging for their customers its experience, expertise and state-of-the-art facilities. Over the past quarter of a century, it has established a strong and growing base of international customers and now supplies many of the leading speciality cheese retailers, as well as mainstream distributors, across the world.

This growth reflects its ability to offer international customers convenient access to some of the very best British cheeses made by cheesemakers who care passionately about producing products of the highest quality, consistency, taste and standards.  While at the same time on behalf of its customers, Somerdale is able to select, consolidate, ship and facilitate entry of all its products removing, what can sometimes be, the hassle of buying specially imported cheeses. In doing so it has built a track record of providing an efficient, flexible and responsive service which it believes is cost effective, consistent and most importantly trusted.
You can view the video below or on YouTube.
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