Quickes Traditional Cheddar

For over 450 years the Quicke family have been farming at Newton St Cyres in Devon. Over 40 years ago Sir John Quicke built the dairy where today, their daughter Mary Quicke continues to produce award-winning cheese.

Quicke’s Traditional Cheddar is made using milk from their own pasture grazed Quicke’s cows, a mixture of Kiwi Friesian, Swedish Red and Montebeliarde.

Each one of the delicious cheddars is individually crafted by hand on the farm. The cheese makers can count over 100 years’ of experience between them and use original recipes dating back generations. Quicke’s cheeses are wrapped in muslin cloth, which allows the cheese to breathe, forming the signature rind. A hallmark of artisan cheddar.

The cheese is slowly matured between 12, 18 and 24 months, developing a rich and complex depth of flavours with a balanced, lingering finish.

The result?

A ‘5-mile’ flavour. Drive 5 miles and you can still taste it. A flavour that keeps evolving on your palate from start to finish and beyond. A depth of flavour that only artisan made cheese can deliver.

  • Grass fed, expertly bred cows.
  • Heritage starter cultures.
  • Handmade, hand cheddared.
  • Clothbound, naturally matured.
  • Cheese routinely tasted and selected by Mary Quicke (‘kwik’).

The Quickes Traditional range includes:

  • Traditional Cheddar (Farmhouse, Mature and Vintage)
  • Devonshire Red
  • Double Gloucester
  • Ewes Milk Cheddar
  • Goats Milk Cheddar

Available as whole cheeses or in deli and retail portions.


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