Somerdale Tintern Cheddar

Somerdale Tintern is part of our ‘Heraldic’ range of quality, blended cheddars and is named after Tintern Abbey in Wales, where the shallots used in its production were originally farmed.

Creamy English cheddar is blended with chives and shallots to produce a tangy but well-balanced flavour.

Our deli wheels are sealed in distinctive dark green wax which helps to lock in the distinctive taste.

Tintern melts well, making it ideal for a grilled sandwich. It is also extremely versatile and can add interest to a simple Ploughman’s lunch or add flavour to a quiche, omelette or baked potato.

Tintern pairs well with a golden ale or a fruity Merlot.

Somerdale Tintern is available in cases of 2 x 2.25kg waxed deli wheels or 12 x 150g retail portions.


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